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My first stepping stone

In March of 2020, the pandemic has reached and affected the Philippines. Many establishments were forced to close down, mask and face shields become a necessity, face-to-face classes were put on halt, and the whole country has undergone a lockdown. As I stay in the house, sleeping, watching television, eating, and it goes as a cycle. I thought that with the things that are happening eventually, I would get used to it, but Minutes become hours and hours prolonged into days.

 A lot of changes happened; The world has turnaround into things I couldn’t get used to. As part of batch 2020, The vacation had passed without even having a chance to experience marching towards the stage to celebrate the end of my high school year. Individuals classes have transition online, and people started working again; this massive change has caused convenience for some, thus drawbacks to many. As days passed by, I started feeling gloomy and dreary point by point.

As I started with my online class, it feels very unusual to me. Thinking about transferring into a different school after ten years makes me feel anxious as it is something unlike me. I was nervous, but more that I am so excited to know and meet new friends. My experience during the first day of the online class didn’t go that well. I woke up a couple of hours earlier than the scheduled time, prepare and get ready; then I started waiting for the arranged time. Our first homeroom orientation was supposed to begin at 8 am, so I joined the meeting at around 7:30, but I think I encounter a problem: I spend about 2 hours waiting for the meeting to start, but it turned out that I was in the wrong forum. I felt terrible that time because I think I missed the opportunity to know more about my new classmates, and my school year was off to a bad start. I hated that I didn’t do the checking, and I just waited without doing anything. I couldn’t help but cry out of being disheartened, I guess. I could only join the correct meeting 30 minutes before it ends, I missed a lot of things, and I regret waiting in the session without being suspicious that I might not be in the right one. Still, beyond all of that, I guess I’m somewhat lucky because I came into the meeting before the class took our first virtual class photo.

The classes this school isn’t the best as it should be, but I am grateful that I’ve had this opportunity. As a teenager, there are many things that we felt like the pandemic has caused during the quarantine. We think that it is depriving us of doing the usual stuff we wanted to do. But if you can try to use the remaining time and grab this opportunity to improve and be better, I guess we could say that this quarantine is well spent. The situation has given us experiences that we don’t know might help us in the future.

So, as I write this post on March 8 of 2021, at 2 am with many requirements and activities to submit for the third quarter. I want to share a quote that I’ve read which states that” Bad choices make good stories.” it’s not always required to be the best or to choose the best because we wouldn’t know how great this experience would turn out as much as how my first day of class did.

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